Unforeseen utility works have caused Cormac to keep the traffic lights on Bickland Water Road for nearly three weeks longer than originally planned.

The work was meant to have been completed by November 21, but Cormac says the lights will now remain in place until December 10.

After enquiries from the Packet, Cornwall Council sent letters to residents informing them that works for the adjacent Persimmons Homes development are in their final stages.

Traffic lights have been causing congestion on the road and more widely throughout Falmouth since they were put in on April 24.

Helen Mason, from Cornwall Council's media team, said: "We are sorry for the continued inconvenience to people who use this road."

Nighttime road closures from 7pm to 6am will begin for the final surfacing phase on November 19, and will last around two weeks.

The road will be closed from Union Hill Corner along the whole of Bickland Hill.

The new roundabout on Bickland Water Road is almost complete and surfacing work will be carried out from mid-October, which is likely to take around a week.

Two remaining pedestrian crossings will be constructed on Bickland Hill starting on Monday October 22 and work will be carried out at nighttime and during the day.

This stage of the project is likely to be finished by Saturday October 26.

Traffic lights will be moved to the opposite side of the road on Monday October 29 while preparation ground-work for the utility companies takes place.

Cormac say that some of the works are likely to be noisy and disruptive, but every effort will be made to keep disturbance to an absolute minimum.

They say that adverse weather conditions may impact the mid-December deadline.