THIEVES stole a precious statue from outside the bedroom window of a 93 year-old's house as she slept in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Brenda Vinnicombe is desperate to be reunited with the stone statue, which was a birthday present from her late husband who passed away 14 years ago.

She told the Packet: "It's sentimental as my husband gave it to me as a present 20 years ago. I've always valued it so much and I'd do anything to have it back."

Asleep in her Falmouth home on Saturday night, she was awoken by the revving of a car engine just before 4am.

"I heard a commotion and at first I thought it was my neighbour, who was having a party that night. But then I realised it was 3.45 in the morning and thought that she can't be up at that time.

"I didn't think anything more about it until my friend came around on Monday and asked me where it had gone. They had taken it from right below my bedroom window."

Brenda says the three-foot statue would require two men to lift it. The grey stone figure is of a naked Victorian lady, who is posing on a round plinth.

"I can't get to sleep now, it's left me feeling very scared. I just want it back because it means so much to me," she added.

A small reward is being offered for information leading to its return. Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting crime reference CR-093795-18.