After a hard winter, late spring and one of the driest summers in memory the organisers of Grade Ruan Autumn Show thought nothing else could thwart their efforts – until Storm Callum hit.

Despite the wind and rain continuing into show day, the village hall was still filled with exhibits and plenty of people turned out to see them.

Rev Fran Johnson, the Methodist minister for the Lizard Peninsula, opened the show, telling those gathered that she had been in the area for three years now and liked Ruan Minor so much that she had recently married a man from the village.

Praising all the entrants for their hard work and creativity, she had the difficult task of deciding the best in show and said: “It was a very hard task comparing Lego creations to jam to mangolds.”

Rev Fran Johnson is presented with a corsage as guest opener

In the end she decided on a collection of dahlias exhibited by Clarence Thomas, although she was also very taken by a set of three four-foot long, pure white blemish-free parsnips grown by Alec Foreman.

Someone who had a particularly successful show was 12-year-old Mollie Chilcott, who not only gained most points in the 12 to 16-year-old classes but also claimed most points in the open cookery classes.

Another talking point was Mailli Rae Carter’s display of flowers sculpted out of fruit and veg, with the judges also picking out Gina Spiers’ raised game pie and Janet Stedman’s hand-made shoulder bag.

Trophy winners - Best overall exhibit, Clarence Thomas; Most points in Show, Clarence Thomas; Grade Ruan parishioner most points in show, Mary Roberts; Most points in show up to 16 years, Mollie Chilcott; Most points Flower and Vegetable, Clarence Thomas; Best exhibit fuchsia and rose, Clarence Thomas; Most points flowers, Clarence Thomas; Most points fruit, Doug Stevens & Mary Roberts, Best Collection Herbs, Kyra Tonks, Most points Vegetables by Grade Ruan Parishioner, Mary Roberts; Most Points flowers by Grade Ruan Parishioner, David Endean; Best Exhibit in class 30, Di Peters; Most Points in Floral Art, Di Peters; Most Points in Preserves, Susan Floyd; Most points in Cookery, Mollie Chilcott; Most Points in Cookery by Grade Ruan Parishioner, Gina Spiers; Best Exhibit in Cookery, Gina Spiers; Best exhibit in Cookery by under 18, Mollie Chilcott; Most points Farm Produce, John Tripconey; Most points in Handicraft classes 123-144, Loretta Ruse; Most points classes 123-155a by a Grade Ruan Parishioner, Andrew Fletcher; Best Exhibit in Needlework/ Knitting & crochet, Janet Stedman; Most points under 18 Photography, Mollie Chilcott; Best Exhibit under 18 Photography, Elowen Oates; Most points Photography by Grade Ruan Parishioner, Andrew Fletcher; Most points Grade Ruan School Pupil, Mailli Rae Carter; Best Exhibit in School Section, Isabella Jones; Cash prizes - Best Exhibit in School Year reception, Ebonie Mae; 1, Jude Westlake; 2, Isla Bosustow; 3, Rosie Holmes; 4, Elliot Buettner; 5, Andreas Hardy; 6, Isabella Jones; Most points Grade Ruan Parish child – Boy, Tamlyn Carter; Girl, Mailli Rae Carter. Best in section – Flowers, Clarence Thomas; Floral Art, Di Peters; Vegetables, Alec Foreman; Fruit, Doug Stevens; Preserves, Elizabeth Endean; Cookery, Gina Spiers; Farm Produce, John Tripconey; Needlework, Janet Stedman; Knitting and Crochet, Loretta Ruse; Arts and Crafts, June Lewis; Photography, Bob Allen; Children 12 to 16, Bella Jane; Children 8 to 11, Mailli Rae Carter; Children up to 7, Jude Westlake.