Falmouth police have issued a warning to university students who use the A39 Penryn bypass to walk from Falmouth to the campus in Tremough at night.

They have asked Falmouth University to alert students to the dangers of walking on the unlit road without wearing reflective clothing.

Falmouth University responded by saying that they had included the information in an e-newsletter sent out to all students.

Police said on Monday that they found two students walking home on the 60 mile per hour road with no reflective clothing or lighting.

The stretch of road is especially dangerous and has seen many crashes take place over the years, including one in April in which a man was struck by a car and later died from his injuries.

Falmouth Packet:

The stretch of road has been the scene of several deadly crashes over the years

Falmouth police posted a tweet saying: "@FalmouthUni could you send out a message asking your students not use the Penryn bypass (A39) as a walking route back to campus from town?

"It's a 60mph, unlit main road and we've just found two (alive) halfway along with no lighting or reflective clothing."

The warning comes after a string of crashes in the last few weeks, two of which involved children who were hit by cars on Dracaena Avenue walking to and from Penryn College.