A THIRD pedestrian has been struck by a car in the space of two weeks on the same stretch of road in Falmouth.

At around 4.20pm on Monday, a man was taken to hospital with suspected facial injuries after an incident involving a car on Kimberley Park Road near the Dracaena Avenue junction.

On Wednesday October 3, 13-year-old Noah Allen was hit by a car whilst crossing Dracaena Avenue near Falmouth Rugby Club on his way to school. He suffered minor injuries.

His dad Simon said it was “one of the most shocking things you could go through, seeing your kid like that at the side of the road.”

Then, on Friday October 5, an 11-year-old girl was struck on her way home from school. She was conscious and breathing after the incident, according to police.

Noah Allen’s family have launched a safety campaign along with councillor Jayne Kirkham to have a pelican crossing installed on the road to make it safer for pedestrians.