The body of a transgender woman who took her own life was found with several unopened birthday cards in her Falmouth University accommodation the day after she turned 22.

An inquest heard today (Friday October 19) that Jasmine Felicity Rook, born Jake Stanley Hanson, struggled with mental health issues and was taken to A&E twice in the month before she was discovered dead on October 2 2017.

On September 1 2017 she was found wandering around the university and was picked up by campus patrol. She told them that she was trying to kill herself.

Then, on September 3, she was taken to A&E with injuries to her elbow. She was taken to A&E a second time on September 16 after approaching campus reception staff whilst intoxicated and asking them to kill her.

When her body was found on October 2, there was a note on the floor from her flatmate Katie that had been passed under the door saying "I hope you're ok," and offering her support.

Her laptop was still switched on, and there was a page open about psychiatric self-referral.

Jasmine was popular in the university's LGBT community, and had aspirations to become a writer after studying English with Creative Writing, for which she received "very good marks" according to director of student and academic services David Dickinson.

Her history of mental health issues had led her GP to prescribe her an antidepressant and a beta-blocker. She was also taking hormone replacement medication as part of her treatment by the Laurels Specialist Gender Identity Clinic in Exeter.

Julie Rae, who worked for the university's student support service FX Plus at the time, said that Jasmine had cited numerous triggers that affected her mental health, including her alcohol use.

Jasmine had an appointment with the university's mental health team on September 21 which she did not attend. Julie Rae visited her room on September 23 to check up on her, and said: "She was okay with us waking her up."

This was the last time that Jasmine was seen alive.

Senior Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon found that there was no evidence of third party involvement, and that Jasmine died by suicide.

She said: "I'm sure on the balance of probabilities that Jasmine died from a deliberate act."

Dr Carlyon went on to say: "I would like to express condolences to the family. I know it's been a very difficult time and hopefully this has brought some closure."

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