The road safety campaign started by the parents of a 13-year-old boy who was struck by a car on Dracaena Avenue is gaining momentum.

Councillor Jayne Kirkham is working with Noah Allen's parents to improve road safety for pedestrians in Falmouth following a spate of similar incidents in the last few weeks.

The Falmouth Town and Cornwall councillor has organised a meeting at 4pm on Sunday October 28 at Falmouth Rugby Club to discuss what action could potentially be taken following the collisions.

Councillor Kirkham said: "Hopefully residents will attend and contribute ideas. I cannot guarantee immediate solutions of course, but if we as a town are proactive and can put forward some realistic ideas, there is a much better chance that we can get the changes needed to make our roads safer for our children, young people and all of us."

Councillor Kirkham has already successfully convinced Cornwall Council via Cormac to place mobile vehicle activated speed signs on the road to alert motorists when they are driving too fast.

On October 5, just days after Noah Allen's incident, an 11-year-old girl was hit by a car near the junction of Kimberley Park Road and Dracaena Avenue.

Then, on October 15, a man was hit by a car near the same junction.

Thankfully all three pedestrians escaped with minor injuries, but even so, Noah Allen's dad Simon said at the time that it was “one of the most shocking things you could go through, seeing your kid like that at the side of the road."

On October 15, Falmouth Police posted on social media asking Falmouth University to warn students about the dangers of walking back to the Penryn Campus on the A39 bypass late at night without reflective gear.

That stretch of road has been especially dangerous for pedestrians and has been the scene of several deaths over the years.