On Saturday I ventured out onto The Moor, and I’m so glad I did because I got to sample the stunning street food being cooked by Falmouth foodie, Bradley Snowden.

Bradley runs a street food stand called Atta – which serves up authentic plant-based Indian food that is not only hot and healthy, but tastes quite amazing. After spending a year travelling around Southern India, Bradley was inspired by the local food and learned how to cook it on his travels – and is now tapping in to the growing demand for vegan food in Cornwall. Mrs C and I shared the Thali which is made up of a coconut and coriander dal fry, Jeera aloo - spicy new potatoes, a white cabbage thoran and roti's cooked with coconut oil. This is topped with toasted cashews and fresh coriander and served with delicious homemade chutneys. There is also a kid’s coconut dal served with rice and mango chutney – together with some fine looking vegan brownies.

Sitting in the sunshine on The Moor eating street food from a little brown box, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much our takeaway eating habits have changed in recent years. There’s nothing wrong with fish and chips or pizza, but eating healthy food like this is a huge step in the right direction – and I’m so glad Bradley Snowden brought his Indian vision back to Falmouth. This is delicious, authentic street food cooked with passion.

What I also love about Atta is they help feed Falmouth’s homeless by giving them whatever food they have left at the end of the day. Bradley works closely with local homeless charity St. Petroc’s by supplying surplus batches of curry during the colder months. You can find Atta on The Moor every Thursday and Saturday – and also at the University campus in Falmouth.

As we finished our little box of curry and complimented our clever chef – there was only one thing left to do – step inside the Seven Stars and order a pint of Sharps ale in one of Falmouth’s little gems. This pub is one of my favourite haunts and has been run by the same family for seven generations. I remember fondly the previous landlord, Rev Barrington. Current landlady, the lovely Amy is making some stunning little changes, and I love the addition of the little gin bar where the old cigarette shop used to be. The Seven Stars is steeped in local history and remains one of Falmouth’s little treasures.

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