Two years of fundraising and design work by Penryn Primary Academy pupils has come to fruition.

The project’s aim was to provide an outdoor nature-trail style area which could be used throughout the school day and specifically designed to support the Physical Education curriculum.

James Hitchens, Head of School, said: “It is well documented that outdoor play and adventure encourages children to think of learning as an ongoing process, instead of just something that is done in the classroom.

"We already fully embrace the outdoors with our successful Forest School and our PE Outdoor Trail will enhance and promote further creative, social and independent learning, not to mention introduce a healthy dose of good fun and exercise.”

PE equipment company Sovereign had some tough customers to advise and answer to, as the school launched an internal competition to see which class could devise the best design for their projected budget of £16,500.

Class 5A were eventual victors and pupil representatives Rylei, Jake, Martino and Megan braved the soggy conditions to attend the opening celebrations.

Cornish Pirates rugby star Tom Duncan officially cut the ribbon on the school’s new outdoor PE trail, despite the miserable weather conditions last Wednesday.

Cornwall councillor Mary May, who kindly awarded £500 funding through the Community Chest Grant Scheme, added: “I’m delighted to support anything that means children are outside. This wonderful new PE equipment will encourage children to interact with each other, stay active and of course have lots of fun.”

Cornish Pirate Tom couldn’t resist having a go on the parallel bars, observing afterwards “Penryn Primary Academy has invested a huge amount of time and effort over the past couple of years developing its children’s physical health and wellbeing and raising PE aspirations.

"The benefit of this trail cannot be underestimated and I for one wouldn’t be where I am today without being encouraged and inspired to get into PE from a young age.”

The PE Outdoor Trail project would not exist without the generosity and support of the Penryn community and the school thanks Tesco Bags of Help Scheme, ASDA Penryn, Julie Tucker and Penryn Community Bingo, Shelley Peters and Penryn Town Council and the Friends of Penryn Primary Academy.