The Met Office has warned that Falmouth could suffer flooding and power cuts today (Friday November 9) as strong southerly winds are expected from around 1pm onwards.

The worst of the wind is likely to hit at around 4pm, with an average wind speed of 46 miles per hour with gusts of up to 64 miles per hour.

Heavy rain is also more than 95 percent likely, according to the forecast.

The Met Office has warned that coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities could be affected by spray and/or large waves when the high winds hit.

This latest forecast of rough weather comes after reports of a "tornado" passing over West Cornwall yesterday.

Earlier in the week, sections of Penzance Promenade were closed by police following high winds on Tuesday.

Hazardous driving conditions are likely to affect Falmouth motorists today, with wind and rain making the roads unpredictable.

Advice issued by the Met Office says that drivers should avoid starting any journeys until heavy downpours clear.

The safest routes in heavy rain are main roads, where fallen branches, debris and flooding are less likely.

Gusts of winds can unsettle vehicles and drivers should grip their steering wheels firmly with both hands, especially when overtaking.

Stay alert when driving past gaps between trees, buildings or bridges or over rivers or railways, as these are places where side winds are more likely.

Drivers should never attempt to go through flood water, as just 30 centimetres of water can float an average sized car.

The number one cause of death during flooding is driving through flood water.