As the Brexit deadline looms ever closer West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is holding an event in Helston this week for anyone with questions about the future.

At things stand at the moment, the UK is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on March 29 next year.

However, there still remains uncertainly over the relationship between Britain and the EU from that point onwards and how areas such as commerce will operate.

Mr Thomas has always supported Brexit and shortly after the 2016 EU Referendum he spoke of how he believed the country had made the right decision, also stressing the importance of getting a good deal for UK farmers and fishermen.

Now he is holding an event called ‘A Conversation about Brexit’ at the Godolphin Club in Wendron Street this Friday, from 7pm, that anyone living in his constituency is welcome to attend.

Explaining that “Brexit matters,” Mr Thomas said: “For me, getting a good Brexit is about securing the freedoms and opportunities to plough our own furrow whilst enjoying a relationship of co-operation and trade with mainland Europe.

“This is not unreasonable, unrealistic or contrary to the will of the people. It is, in fact, what people believed we were entering into when Britain first joined the European Economic Community.”