A tribute to the triumph and tragedy of the Golden Globe Race took place at the National Maritime Museum amid distinguished reviews and a standing ovation.

Performed by Canoryon Lowen, Katie Kirk and Rick Williams, the combination of music, narrative and imagery came together to represent the stories of three incredible individuals, who took part in the Golden Globe Race 50 years ago.

Sirens representing the call to action, to be the first to sail around the globe non-stop and single handed, echoed around the main gallery of the National Maritime Museum (NMMC) in Falmouth, a fitting venue for a choral production about one of the most talked about yacht races of all time.

Performances from the choir and special guests Katie and Rick had the audience enraptured in the emotions of the Golden Globe Race, from the intrepid start point to the weariness, despair and loneliness that only the strongest mentally could endure.

The emotions of the family left behind were also expertly captured in the song-writing and haunting delivery from members of the choir and guest artists.

David Turner, who attended the choral production said: “To say Great Circle was extraordinary would be an understatement.

"Swept up, swept away, lifted up, dropped deep within a maelstrom of music that crashed in upon us, wrenching our very souls, then spitting us out, wrecked, wretched and overwhelmed, yet safely cradled in the bosom of the ocean of sound."

Performed at the NMMC on Saturday, November 24 as part of an initiative to bring culture and the arts together, Great Circle is anticipated to tour other maritime-related venues across the country.