Re Planning Application on land adjacent to 42 Penhale Road application ref PA18/09138.

I moved into my Wainhomes house on Penhale Road in 2004 and have been living on a building site ever since.

They have built in front, to the side and to the back of me - hundreds of houses.

There is a small green space of land left, which I and all the other residents were always told was going to be green landscaped space when the development was completed.

Over the years this had been used for Wainhomes sales and marketing suite.

However, yet another planning application has just been submitted to build two large houses on this small plot. Although this will only affect immediate neighbours, I would like to alert the hundreds of other residents to this recent application in case they feel the way that I do. Enough already!

Isn’t it about time Wainhomes put something back in way of a community space? Somewhere perhaps for people to sit and enjoy the view, walk their dogs and connect with other residents that they may not otherwise know. We need community, not more houses.

There are hundreds more houses being built along Bickland Water Road - two housing estates, an industrial estate and the completed estate at the new Union corner roundabout.

I understand that Cornwall Council hit their new build targets set by the government quite some time ago, so there is no need for more.

If anyone would like to get in touch with me with their views, then please email me on

Yours Faithfully

Jayne Choak