December's Packet Camera Club meet-up was held on a rainy Sunday at Espressini on The Moor in Falmouth. 

The congregated camera-clubbers shared their still life 'homework,' giving each other critiques and compliments in equal measure. 

Jo Howell's explanation of how she uses Photoshop to 'stack' different images to ensure that the whole subject is in focus was particularly interesting. 

Kevin Moore told us about how he used combined flying saucer sweets with a book cover and panel light to get his somewhat psychedelic still life shot. 

Richard Thompson solved for us the mystery of how he achieved his macro shot of bubbles by using a paper weight. 

The Packet Camera Club meet-ups are open to photographers of all ages and abilities and offer a casual way to get together with like-minded people and learn about the craft. 

Details about the club's next meet-up will be published shortly on the Packet Camera Club Facebook page: