A 13-year-old boy with a rare form of muscular dystrophy is enjoying the independence granted by his new "space-age" electric wheelchair bought after a successful fundraiser.

Harvey Thompson's mum Melissa said: "It was thanks to the Packet and Radio Cornwall that we managed to raise the money. It was really emotional to have that many people supporting us."

The new state-of-the art chair, which uses technology similar to a Segway, has had a huge impact on Harvey's wellbeing.

Melissa said: "It's been brilliant, it's changed his life at school. He doesn't have to rely on his PA to get around. It means he's independent.

"Now it means we can go out again as a family and we don't have to worry about Harvey being pushed. Now we have to keep up with him!

"After it went in the Packet we had quite a lot of interest, then we went on BBC Radio Cornwall. Within a week we managed to raise the rest of the funds.

"It's a really difficult and emotional time for us. Just having the support helps us get through it better.

"Harvey is really happy at the moment. He's suddenly a massive celebrity, everyone wants to stop him and ask him about the chair."

Part of the appeal, says Melissa, is the fact that the 'Nino' chair does not look like a regular wheelchair.

Harvey goes to Falmouth School and is a keen table tennis player, playing at the Dracaena Centre around four times a week.

On Saturday, a fundraising event was held, organised by Falmouth Docks Table Tennis Club, to raise money for an accessible outdoor table so that Harvey can keep up his favourite hobby even as his condition inevitably deteriorates.

Next month, Harvey will be assessed to determine his suitability for the Paralympic Pathways scheme in the hope of being able to eventually compete in the Paralympic Games.