DEDICATED volunteers at Falmouth’s Cancer Research UK shop had their moment in the spotlight on Wednesday (December 5) as special awards were given out.

The Flame of Hope awards are handed out for special achievements by the cancer charity and it was a morning of celebration.

The shop itself was recognised – the only one in Cornwall and Devon to be given Flame of Hope status in 2018.

The branch had previously been at a run-down unit in Webber Street for nearly 30 years before moving to its current Market Street location in March 2016.

Since then it has trebled its sales – raising nearly £500,000 since the move.

Tim Finch, regional manager for the south west for CRUK, said that the charity’s shops nationwide raised £25 million every year.

He told volunteers at the event: “If we paid all of our volunteers minimum wage we would lose money.

“The business model does not work without you guys.

“This is all about making money for the charity.”

Tim said the team at the store should be proud of its achievements.

He added: “To get the award is quite a coup. Thank you for making Falmouth (shop) a part of the community.

“It’s important that people see us as a part of the community and not some massive charity chain, because we do operate at a very local level.”

Awards were also given out to several of the shop’s principal supporters.

They were Jago’s Bar in Webber Hill; Stone’s Bakery in High Street, Jude Philby and Mike Truscott, a retired Falmouth Packet journalist who has written a number of books in aid of CRUK.

Volunteers were also recognised for their service – from one year to 15.

Rita Barkhuyzen was honoured for 15 years of service, while Audrey Charles, Margaret Aldis and Doreen Ellis were congratulated on five years – although Doreen said she had been associated with the charity itself for 25 years.

Nicky Garvin, shop manager, said: “I’m elevated. If it was not for my team and supporters it would not have happened.

“To go from such a low income shop to this amount of money that we’ve raised in that short time is phenomenal.

“We have had help from so many big supporters. We get so much support from Falmouth.”