Cornwall pastry producer Rowes is to donate Cornish pasties and other bakery products in an effort to fight rural issues and poverty.

The food company have partnered with Cornwall Food Action, a charity that supplies food to 60 different organisations that feed those in need such homeless hostels, vulnerable women and recovering addicts.

Also supported will be day centres for the elderly or those with learning disabilities, foodbanks, and groups such as village halls that help those living in isolated communities to get together.

“Rowes wanted to find a way of supporting the local community, so donating food to CFA seemed like an obvious thing to do,” said Rowes manager Maurice Matthews.

“We work hard to minimise food waste in all our manufacturing processes, but as with any food manufacturer, there are always going to be times when there are food surpluses,” he went on to stay.

Rowes has also agreed to provide a monthly financial contribution to the CFA. The charity overturns over £60,000 worth of food every year, operating on costs of around £8000. For every £1 the charity receives, they can supply £7-8 of food to local causes.

“We don’t feed anyone ourselves,” said Anthony Weight of Cornwall Food Action. “We simply provide support to organisations already set up to help the needy.”

“We are conscious that the poorest of all often live in out-of-the-way rural areas where living costs are highest, transport can be expensive and there can be problems of loneliness and isolation,” he added.

An organisation which benefits from the CFA’s work is St Petrocs society, who provide shelter to the homeless.

St Petrocs representative Tony Smith said: “The food Cornwall Food Action get from Rowes is perfect for us.

“We don’t employ any chefs, so it means that If someone comes in off the street cold, wet, hungry and late in the evening it means there is always a pasty ready to be put in the oven.”

To donate to the CFA, visit or email Anthony Weight for more information at