Two men from Cornwall have been fined by the courts for modifying their vehicles in an unsafe manner.

One of the men, from Helston, was fined £350 plus a victim surcharge of £85 and an additional cost of £85. The other, from Porthleven, was fined £370 with a victim surcharge of £30 and further costs of £160.

Both were disqualified from driving for 12 months with an extended re-test required to get their licences back.

The charges come as Devon and Cornwall Police look to crack down on dangerous modifications.

Legislation means that if changes made to cars are deemed unsafe drivers can receive roadside fines, points on their licences, but also potential criminal convictions for dangerous driving or disqualification.

Owners can even have their cars seized and examined by police. Modifications which can make your car unsafe include tampering with ABS braking systems, internal routing of fuel lines, suspension modifications and excessive tyre stretch.

The police have maintained that while not all modifications are illegal a person can be considered to be driving dangerously if their vehicle in its current state appears to be hazardous to a competent owner.