Undercover Devon and Cornwall Police officers have taken to specialised HGVs to target driving offences.

Alliance Roads Officers used one of Highways England’s unmarked ‘Supercabs’ on the A30 between December 4th and December 7th, in what is named ‘Operation Tramline.’

It comes as police aim to target distracted drivers using mobile phones and those deemed to not be in full control of their vehicle.

PC Daniel Furneaux, who lead the operation, said: “This was an excellent multi-agency response to widespread concerns about distracted driving.”

Of the 36 offences were detected during the three-day period, 26 related to use of mobile phones at the wheel and those not being in proper control of their vehicles. Other offences included lack of insurance, no license, excessive speed and not wearing seatbelts.

“We will be running Operation Tramline again next year, as we have on several previous occasions, as it is an extremely effective way of targeting distracted and careless drivers,” PC Furneaux added.

Offences found in Cornwall included people using their phones in poor, stormy weather and a driver without insurance not wearing a seatbelt. Four vehicles on the A30 were seized for no insurance, MOT or tax.

It will not be announced in advance when exactly the Supercab will be out on the roads again.