Anger from the local community has failed to prevent a development of 18 retirement bungalows for Mylor Bridge being given the go-ahead.

Work can now take place on land to the north of Cogos Avenue, where 18 largely detached bungalows will be built around a communal garden.

It is the latest development from Blue Cedar Homes Ltd, which has been given conditional approval from Cornwall Council.

They are described in the application as being aimed at older people, with the buildings having a "contemporary" design.

An agreement of the planning permission is that eight of them will be classed as affordable units, with the other ten to be sold at market price. A section 106 agreements means the developers must also pay £57,000 to provide one further affordable unit off-site.

Mylor Parish Council had been vocally opposed to the development, claiming the site was outside the settlement boundary in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Members believed that 100 per cent of the bungalows should be affordable, with 50 per cent an "absolute minimum."

The council added in its response: "It does not meet identified local needs. The evidence is clear that open market houses for over 55 years olds being filled largely by people from outside the parish is not the identified need of the community."

Councillors feared the development would cause "an unacceptable burden on the local infrastructure" and being a cul-de-sac on the outskirts effectively made it the equivalent of a "gated community," which they described as "divisive."

They pointed out that for a site intended for over-55s, they would have to walk nearly half a mile to reach the village centre, up a hill, and the same distance to a bus stop.

"The proposal should be rejected. It is the wrong sort of housing in the wrong place," they said.

There were also 18 letters of objection from the public, with one letter of support.

Despite this it was passed by delegated officer approval.

The proposal will result in the loss of a small field adjacent to existing housing.