A Falmouth University student is offering people the chance to kick him in the balls if they donate £1,000 to fund his short film.

Luke Molloy, 21, said: "I wanted to envisage something that would capture the fun of the film. If I have to suffer for my art a little bit, I'm willing to do that."

As well as the grand prize of a free swing at the director's stones, producers are offering other rewards for donations such as a cameo in the film for £100 and executive producer credits for £250.


The film – Coinkydink – will be made entirely by students. Its plot follows two groups of amateur criminals trying to rob a petrol station with hilarious consequences.

Luke and his crew need to reach their fundraising target of £1,100 on Kickstarter by Saturday December 29 to receive any funding at all.

Luke, originally from Belfast, said: "Coinkydink is a passion project for me. As writer/director, I aim to create a really fun story that stretches our capabilities like no other project we have worked on before.

"And above all I want to achieve the best kind of controlled madness. Absolute balls-to-the-wall fun."


Out of the £1,100 the team hope to raise, £700 will go towards location costs, £200 to set design and £100 towards costumes and props.

Luke went on to say: "The production, as it is so far, has been lots of fun. I think we are going to keep that going throughout the shoot."

If you feel like taking a crack at Luke's nuts or even just supporting the project with a modest donation, visit the Kickstarter page.

You can also follow the filmmakers' progress on the Coinkydink Facebook and Instagram pages.