Dear Editor, 

The government pledge I believe was to get people back to work, they additionally promoted the use of public transport. 
I went to the bus stop today, Thursday 27th December, intending to catch the usual 10.00am bus, I waited over an hour in vain, when the 11:00 bus arrived I was told by the driver it is Saturday service, where there is no 10:00 bus.

When I asked why is it Saturday service on a normal working day, I was told, “as it is New Year”, when I pointed out it is not New Year until next week, I was told it will be Saturday service all next week on the week days. 
Not a great encouragement for anyone to go to work from a rural area such as the Lizard I would have thought. The Lizard already has only an hourly service, with several points during the day when it becomes a two hourly service, with no late evening service at all.
I gave up my car for financial reasons, however, with local bus services that have a track record of two buses catching fire within a matter of weeks,  frequent delays, so one misses connecting buses in Helston, buses with fumes inside, filthy buses so one cannot see out of the window, and buses that break down, I think I will be saving up for another car, at least that way I can go back to voluntary driving, as well as having a reliable personal form of transport for myself.

I am a fare paying passenger on buses, and I am not prepared for evermore to pay for an inadequate service, the fares have increased but the service in my opinion has got worse.

The only thing in its favour, is the majority of the drivers are helpful and friendly, despite having to drive antiquated and mechanically unreliable buses around. 

Gilly Zella Martin