FISH Factory Art Space in Penryn launches its second year at its new premises with an exhibition of five Polish female artists from the Tri-City of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot on the Baltic coast

Magdelena Nowak, Anna Sokolska, Joanne Borof, Elzbieta Tegowska and Urszula Dulewicz will feature in the exhibition under the collective title of ‘Associated Territories’ and is part of the celebration of 100 years of women’s civil rights in Poland and will be curated by artist Elzbieta Tegowska, who is here to represent the group and talk about their work.

The exhibition is part of a wider artistic co-operation with the region of Pomerania and features work of different disciplines. The work consists of drawings, paintings, collages, embroidery and batiks.

The established, well-supported cultural projects are there for all to see, but the depth and high standard of the underground artists in these port regions needs to be shown on a bigger stage and across borders.

Cultural diversity makes of these ports makes the regions richer not just in finance and jobs but also in spirit.

Fish Factory Arts director, Rose Hatcher, said: “Artists who work hard should have recognition and support, we have given them the opportunity to produce their work in an international arena, and the chance to create alongside established local artists to gain and give wisdom and support.”

Artists representative Elzbiata Tegowska added: “The work consists of drawings, paintings, collages, embroidery and batiks.

"The subjects which interest us in our creativity are varied - our individual 'territories', with which we 'associate' in the framework of our common exhibitions.

"We are not connected by the same slogans, ideas or beliefs. What associates us is a similar attitude to our work and the inner need for co-operation.

"This sort of attitude between regions working artists has created long lasting artistic friendships, common activities and common aims. All of us to a certain degree and meaning are leaders, but at the same time we want to share our work and be actively associating our individual territories”.

The exhibition is at the Sail Loft, Commercial Road, and will open on January 3 from 6pm, with a performance from chellist and alternative artist Amy Lawrence, and run until January 14 from 10am to 5pm Mondays to Thursdays.