Falmouth School has asked to change a condition relating to noise at its sports hub so it can play music in fitness classes.

A condition of it being built was "no sound-amplifying equipment, loudspeakers or public address system shall be installed or operated on the premises."

However, the school has asked Cornwall Council to change the condition to add in the word "external" to allow for music indoors, and to limit the condition to the third-generation artificial grass pitch rather than the entire premises.

A letter from school states that the sports hub hosts fitness classes that "by their very nature play music as part of the motivation to exercise." Currently this could not happen, which "blocks the positive effect of the facility."

The school goes on to say the condition was added due to concerns from the public over the historic use of the site, for sport and on sports days, when there would amplified music and a PA system.

"The concerns of the public...were based very much on the idea of a PA system placed high up on the floodlights blaring out music at half time in a game or commentary during a game," it adds.

However, Falmouth Town Council has recommended refusal as it wants to see it specified that "amplified sound should be contained within the pavilion building and doors closed at all times."

Members feared the new wording would allow music to be broadcast over the football pitch.

Smithick ward councillor John Spargo said: “We need to ensure that the wording makes sure the noise does not come outside the building.”

Cornwall Council has yet to make a decision.