Falmouth and Penryn have been struck with a spate of vandalism over the last few weeks.

Gangs of youths went on a crime spree in Falmouth on New Year's Eve. In Penryn, 13 cars were vandalised on Station Road between New Year's Eve and Sunday, January 6.

According to a Facebook post from Falmouth town councillor David Saunby, around 15 boys and girls in their early teens were witnessed damaging numerous cars in the Kimberley Park Road and Park Rise area of the town.

His post continued: "Not content with that, they went on to the Trescobeas Doctor's Surgery, next door to the former Rosslyn Hotel, and set the alarms off. About 15 youths, boys and girls in their very early teens were seen leaving the site, and heading off down Tregenver Road."

The alarm was heard going off for some time after 12.20am.

Police were notified and attended, but the youths had already gone.

Station Road in Penryn was targeted by vandals who tore the wing mirrors off three parked cars on New Year's Eve, and then damaged a further ten cars over the weekend.

Resident Andrea Poddie discovered the vandalism on his way to work at around half past three on Sunday morning.

He said: "Between all the cars it's a lot of damage." Andrea suspected that it was a young person who was "probably drunk and didn't know what they were doing."

Andrea says that this has been the third such incident within the last 30 days.

The incident has been reported to the police who have since been contacted by the Packet.

Any information regarding these incidents, please contact Devon and Cornwall Police.

Mr Saunby added: "These mindless acts of vandalism must not be tolerated in our town. Happy New Year for some, but not for others who had their cars damaged."