Dog owners have been urged not to walk their pets on Helston's rugby ground for the safety of its young players.

As well as dog mess, broken glass has also been found along with various cans and other rubbish on the King George V playing field, leading to a general call for help to keep the area safe to play on.

Helston Rugby Club parent Jason Bardell posted a plea to Facebook, saying: "Whilst it is important that the clubhouse and its grounds remain the important community asset that it is, and is fully accessible to all, it needs your help to keep it this way.

"The amount of owners allowing their pets to soil the main pitch and training areas, [plus] rubbish and cans being left laying around, including broken glass, has become unacceptable.

"This area is played on throughout the week by well over a hundred local children as well as the first team. Not only is this disrespectful to the hard work put in by the club and its members, but it is also extremely dangerous.

"Please ask anyone you know to use the areas away from the playing surface and pick it up and bin it."

He later went on to add that while the club was grateful for the considerate owners that did pick up after their dogs, there was in fact no dog walking allowed on the rugby club fields in any capacity.

"The area is used by hundreds of local children each week and it is their health you are risking," he added.

Kids and minis teams coach LJ Collick also told the Packet, on behalf of all the coaches: "It doesn't matter, regardless if you pick it up, you're not going to have picked it all up.

"We're just trying to make the place a bit of a nicer environment for the children that are playing."

The field is the main training area for the under sevens, eights and nines teams.