A group aiming to re-house Syrian refugees has been granted official charitable status.

Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugee Families (FPWRF) is celebrating their latest milestone by holding a fundraising gig at the Falmouth Rugby Club on Saturday (January 26) at 8.30pm.

As well as securing charitable status, the group has found a local landlord willing to rent to a refugee family.

In 2015, David Cameron's conservative government promised to take in 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. As of March 2018, 11,649 Syrian refugees had been resettled according to government statistics.

Jude Munden, from FPWRF, said: "It's happening excruciatingly slowly given the scale of the conflict."

Through the government's Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, the most vulnerable Syrian refugees are identified and if suitable are given the full rights of British citizens, including housing benefits.

FPWRF hope to "bridge the gap" between government benefits and the cost of living in the area, giving families the time to settle and improve their English skills if necessary to find work.

The group have "huge numbers of regular people who are desperate to do more than signing a petition," and volunteer towards welcoming refugee families to the area.

Caroline Cox from FPWRF said: "The enthusiasm we have had from such a wide range of people is hugely encouraging, and shows what compassionate and welcoming areas Falmouth and Penryn are.

"People are just desperate to be able to help these families, who have already faced such extraordinary challenges and danger, to find their feet and give their children a future."

The Eyelids and Shagrat will perform at Saturday's gig as well as DJs Mike & Parker. Tickets are £6/£8 on the door and can be purchased in advance from the group's Facebook page.

Anyone with skills that could be useful to a refugee family settling in the area, such as second-language (TEFL) teachers and painter/decorators should get in touch with the group via the Facebook page.