A FALMOUTH man with a long history of mental illness was found hanged at his flat, an inquest heard this morning.

Nicholas John Clements had attempted to take his own life on several occasions dating back to the late 1980s, before being found dead in Langton Terrace on May 31 last year.

His landlord Chris Widdicombe, a sub postmaster, found Mr Clements after he had popped round to see him for a regular visit.

A report from Dr Sanders from Penryn surgery charted Mr Clements' mental health struggles and the numerous occasions on which he had changed his medication over a long period of time.

The 62 year old had also received 33 Electroconvulsive Therapies to try to alleviate his problems.

Around three years ago he had suffered from Lithium toxicity after taking the drug for more than a year. His partner Ann Widdicombe said that his mood had subsequently changed.

"It deprived him of his personality. He always had a sense of humour but that was stopped by the effects of the Lithium. He should have been checked more regularly because the toxicity levels were near fatal."

Gillian New, a mental health nurse, described Mr Clements' mental health issues as "chronic" but did not feel that his behaviour had changed following the Lithium toxicity.

She added that he had been classed as a "moderate" risk and there was nothing to suggest that had changed before his death.

Summing up, Coroner Andrew Cox said: "Mr Clements had a long history of mental health difficulties for which he had received lots of medication and therapeutic input.

"In conclusion, I would be sure that Mr Clements took his own life and intended to do so and that he died from suicide."