AN online resource to learn the Cornish language has been launched today.

Golden Tree Productions, the team behind the The Man Engine, is inviting everyone to log on and learn the ancient dialect.

The team has been working with Cornwall Council to develop the resource called Go Cornish.

Launching on Truro's Lemon Quay, it will engage a new demographic of non-Cornish speakers and is designed to promote learning the Cornish language in accessible ways. 

A programme of interactive workshops and events are also taking place in schools, pubs and community spaces across Cornwall.

It is safe to say that Cornish is now officially cool.

With youthful organisations such as Newquay’s iconic surf event, Boardmasters Festival translating its entire website into Cornish, the Kernow King championing the cultural vernacular, popular musician Gwenno having written a whole album in Cornish in 2018 (Le Kov) and Kelly’s of Cornwall’s producing a national TV advertisement entirely in Cornish, the language is quite clearly experiencing a revival.

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people can speak some Cornish and the number learning is growing.

In 2018, 77 people took Cornish language exams, 15% up on the previous year. More people are learning the language, and people are looking to use it in new ways, with the creation of a predictive text app in Cornish in 2017, and the first virtual reality PlayStation game available in Cornish (Smash Hit Plunder in 2018).

Visit Cornwall’s Cornwall Visitor Survey 2017/18 demonstrates a very strong awareness of the language among tourists who are seeing the language as a part of what makes Cornwall unique, different and culturally attractive.

Those at today’s launch event were lucky to witness the unveiling of the colourful Go Cornish bus waiting room at Lemon Quay, and the bespoke Go Cornish-branded double decker bus parked on Lemon Quay (both created in partnership with First Kernow), Cornish music from Neil Davey and Jen Dyer, bilingual presentations from Director of Golden Tree Productions, Will Coleman and Cornish Language Officer for Go Cornish, Pol Hodge.

Will Coleman, Director of Golden Tree Productions said: “Ow triga yn Kernow, ass on ni feusik kavos yeth teg teythyek, agan honan. Kernewek yw tresorva rych rag pobel a bub oos dhe vos rann anedhi.  Ni a wayt bos agan gwiasva Go Cornish kevadow yn tien dhe beub neb a vynn dyski po adhyski an yeth kernewek, ny vern aga oos, keyndir po soodh."

That translates as: “Living in Cornwall, we are so fortunate to have our own beautiful, indigenous language. Kernewek is a rich treasure trove for people of all ages to engage with. We hope that our Go Cornish website feels fully accessible to all that want to learn or teach the Cornish language, no matter what their age, background or day job.”

Also available to download via the Go Cornish site is the magical Magi Ann app, funded by the National Lottery. The Magi Ann stories were originally written by Mena Evans to help young children and their families learn Welsh. These stories were developed into a prize-winning app by Menter Iaith Fflint. Now, Go Cornish has translated Magi Ann into Cornish to help the next generation of Cornish speakers get off to a flying start.

To celebrate this, Go Cornish also hosted its very own little Kevewi Magi Ann (Magi Ann party) today at Nancledra Preschool after the launch event. The children had been working with the Magi Ann app every day in the run-up, so there were plenty of excited, Cornish-chattering children in attendance.

The clear and easily navigable Go Cornish resource site can be accessed at and is web and mobile optimised.