Students and local residents came together last weekend to clean up the streets of Falmouth.

Falmouth Civic Society, Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union’s Beach Clean Project and Student Community Wardens, combined efforts to clean up the residential areas between Falmouth Moor and Falmouth University Campus Woodlane.

Around 30 volunteers, including families with children, litter-picked their way through the town terraces, collecting waste that varied from cigarette butts to paper, plastic and glass.

Rose Hitchens-Todd, FXU Community Partnership Manager: “It is amazing to have seen such a fantastic turn out for this collaborative event. By working together for only a short time on Sunday morning, we have almost instantly transformed the area, removing dangerous and unsightly litter from our streets. The true power of team work.”

Between them, more than 15 refuse sacks full of waste were collected, leaving the streets looking a lot less littered.

To date, students have registered more than 20,000 hours of volunteering this academic year.

During February, the Union plans to celebrate the voluntary work of its members as part of the National Student Volunteering Week campaign and invites any external organisations with voluntary opportunities that they would like to promote to the student body to get in touch.

For further information, contact: Rose Hitchens-Todd, FXU Community Partnership Manager. Email or call 01326 253631