A FAMILY-RUN business for more than 30 years was raided in Penryn on Monday evening.

Burglars made off with a safe after breaking into Doggies & Moggies on Leo Cub Industrial Centre.

Jenny Mawston, who runs the store, said: "We are quite a relaxed shop who don't mind customers coming into the office for a chat sometimes, but this makes you question that.

"I've been burgled before and it's a horrendous feeling. They took the safe which was bolted to the floor, smashed the bottom pane of glass on the front door and damaged the office door and the printing machine," she added.

One piece of good news was that Basil, the shop's resident parrot, was unharmed.

"We were very concerned for his welfare, so it was a relief to see that he was okay. He was a bit shaken up yesterday morning but he's back to his noisy self now," said Jenny.

During winter months he is placed out of the way at the back of the shop, so that he is away from the draught from outside.

There are CCTV cameras in the area, but Jenny added that the offenders had used a scaffolding pole to push the camera upwards.

Another branch of Doggies & Moggies, in Goonhavern, has also been burgled before. The family business, which has been at the Penryn premises for 12 years, previously had two shops in Falmouth.