Falmouth's town manager has been working to keep the iconic Marks and Spencer clock even though the store has closed.

He says that it is "very likely" the clock will remain in its current location in Market Street.

Town manager Richard Gates said: "This is something I have been working on for the last few weeks.

"I am currently waiting on written confirmation that it will be able to stay in situ and it is very likely, although I cannot 100 per cent guarantee yet that this will be the case."

Councillor for Trescobeas ward David Saunby firmly believes that the clock, which has been in Falmouth since at least 1962, should stay where it is.

He said: "It is an iconic piece of Falmouth's history that should remain as a link to the past."

Mandy Jose Berry posting on social media said: "Yes that would be a lovely gesture, why take it down only to hide it away?"

Pam Dearnley said: "It should stay here. It’ll only gather dust somewhere."