A pub and bookshop combined, Beerwolf Books offers a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to a range of customers in and around Falmouth, as Harry Tribe found out when visiting for the Packet's latest Hooray for the High Street feature.

Beerwolf was once a working men’s club but now plays host to an atmospheric pub alongside a bookshop which contains books hand-picked from fayres across London.

The free house can be found just off the Falmouth's Market Street up on Bells Court, the short walk up the slope will be well worth it when greeted with one of their fantastic range of beers.

On top of beer selection, they also serve a range of coffee and tea for those who are looking to just enjoy a book and a warm drink.

Cora Stocker, of Beerwolf, said: “It’s just a nice place to sit down, it’s a nice atmosphere and quite relaxed usually. There’re not really any places anymore when you can just go and sit down without spending too much money.

Our coffee and tea is cheap so you can just relax and read a book.”

Beerwolf is the kind of place that suits all customers with such a selection of things to do, whether a shot at the pinball machine, purchasing a new book or a game of table tennis on a Sunday afternoon.

“We got all sorts of customers, that’s the best thing about the place, it’s a real mix.

"It’s not just students, it’s people who have been coming since we opened, people who have been coming since we were a working men’s club, we got lots of tourists in the summer and it’s just a really nice mix.”

Beerwolf is open Monday-Saturday: 10am-12pm, Sunday hours are: 12pm-11pm.