An attempt to amend plans for a controversial development in Swanpool has caused a backlash from nearby residents.

Developers Linden Homes are now seeking permission to increase the size of several of the houses in the 28-dwelling site.

The plans detail how developers hope to add an extra storey and garage to two of the 'type A' houses.

They are also seeking permission to add a balcony to two 'type H' houses and slightly alter the size and shape of three 'type B' houses.

As of Friday February 15, the new planning application had received a total of eight public comments in objection.

In one of these comments, Mr Nigel Hewitt said: "This build has always been highly contentious, having gone ahead despite the objections from Falmouth Town Council and Cornwall Council and many objections from members of the public.

"The builder now seeks to make several major, material changes to those plans that were presented to the government inspector for approval initially masquerading as a non material amendment that since seems to have become a full blown application for radical changes."

Members of the public can view the plans in full and leave comments on Cornwall Council's website under the reference number PA19/00858.

Linden Homes were given planning permission for the site in 2015 after the planning inspector overturned Cornwall Council's decision, despite major public opposition.