VANDALS have damaged a prominent landmark in Falmouth.

The railway bridge near the town's main station off Avenue Road has been sullied by the most bizarre graffiti.

Assuming the offenders did not set up a ladder and climb up to the stonework, they must have leant over the railings and sprayed upside down.

They have etched the words Cream and Biscuits! on to the bridge, making for one of the more unusual "adornments".

A second bridge before the terminus near Falmouth Docks station, has also been tarnished with the same words.

Last month some graffiti which appeared around the town drew a quip from Falmouth police that it was "not exactly Banksy", while Falmouth Town Council's

Safer, Cleaner, Greener public information campaign highlighted the problem with graffiti last summer.

Graffiti is defined as drawings, patterns, scribbles or messages painted, written or carved on walls and other surfaces. If left untouched, it often encourages more graffiti, the dumping of unwanted items and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

Cornwall Council is responsible for removing graffiti and flyposting from public buildings, street furniture or monuments, but it cannot, under normal circumstances, remove it from households and other private property.