Falmouth will have a unique floating café/bistro in the harbour if a local businessman and his wife get the go ahead to moor his vessel Delta in the harbour, with access from the shore.

Tony Elliott-Cannon is currently in talks with the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners and Cornwall Council as to the best place in central Falmouth to moor his barge.

The town boasts many cafes and restaurants but unlike other ports with beautiful natural harbours and stunning scenery, there are no floating catering facilities.

Tony and his wife Kate intend to have the Delta fitted out in art deco style for approximately 50 customers.

“Every table and seat will have uninterrupted views out over the harbour where customers can enjoy dining on the water,” said Kate.

The 38-metre long 130 tons Delta was built in 1938. During WW2 she was requisitioned by the Germans and sent to Italy as a type of gunboat. After the war she became a successful floating restaurant in France.

Tony added: “The Delta, a French peniche (a motorised steel barge) arrived in the port under tow of the tug MTS Taktow and is currently moored to the Frigate buoy in the harbour off Trefusis, where she will be for a week until taken to Butler’s boatyard at Penpol for re-refurbishment and conversion work.”

“Delta was a very successful luncheon cruise peniche, based in Chalon-sur-Saone in the heart of Burgundy, France. After we purchased her she had to sail all the way up through the canals and rivers of France through Paris and ultimately to Le Havre from where she was towed here."

In the early 1900s the Alba Floating Tea Room was a vessel moored between Pye’s Cellars and Flushing.

Boatmen rowed passengers out to the craft from the Prince of Wales pier.

Cornwall Council has given pre-application advice about the possibility of locating floating pontoons and a gangway attached to the sea wall of the lower part of the Church Street car park.

The board of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners has given its support as landowner, subject to a suitable commercial agreement being agreed between them, and necessary permissions and licences being in place.