A manhunt involving the police helicopter and armed officers was carried out in west Cornwall this morning.

Specialist heat-seeking equipment, in the form of a thermal imaging camera, was used to find a man hiding in dense undergrowth in the St Just area.

Armed police teams had been called in to hunt for wanted suspect and drafted in the help of the National Police Air Service helicopter.

A man has since been taken into custody in connection with the incident.

While the search had a successful conclusion, it is understood this was nearly not the case after the helicopter’s fuel began to run perilously low. However, the cameras spotted the man before it ran out entirely.

The team involved has been praised publicly by Inspector Greg Hine, a force incident manager at police headquarters in Exeter and a tactical firearms commander.

He wrote on Twitter: “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this morning. I debriefed the ARV’s [armed response vehicles] and they all commented on how invaluable your support was.

“I understand it was close with fuel come the end! Very good outcome, all accounted for, no injuries.”