An astonishing 90 per cent people could not tell the difference between photographs of Cornwall and the Caribbean in a recent quiz. 

Other surprising results show that 65 per cent of participants could not tell a Cornish sunset from one in Hawaii, Indonesia or the Galapagos Islands.

70 per cent of participants could not distinguish St Nectans Glen waterfall in Tintagel from one in Bali.

80 per cent of those asked did not spot the difference between a National Trust beach in Cornwall and one in Australia or France.

Holiday accommodation company Stay In Cornwall put together the tricky picture quiz to prove that the vast majority of people genuinely cannot tell the difference between a beach in the Indian Ocean and one hidden on the coast of our own little island.

The quiz takes players through ten different holiday scenarios; from surfing to secret gardens, with Kernow cleverly disguising itself between the breathtaking images of golden sunsets that set the sky alight and turquoise oceans with crashing waves offering surfers long mellow rides.

The quiz might change some perceptions of the ‘staycation’ being an inferior alternative to a holiday abroad.

Jo Price, Stay in Cornwall marketing manager said: “This is genuinely one of the hardest quizzes I’ve ever played! We know just how much this beautiful county has to offer holidaymakers and wanted to create a quiz that would pit Kernow against some of the most beautiful holiday hotspots around the world.

"We’re delighted to see that Cornwall easily is holding its own and really hope this encourages more people to consider visiting this year.”

To have a go at the quiz yourself, click here