Penryn Primary Academy is celebrating its success at becoming a recognised Forest School Provider by offering children an opportunity to experience good practice. 

Forest School is a specialised learning approach based in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

Wendy Malham, Forest School teacher at Penryn Primary Academy said: “I am over the moon that The Forest School Association has recognised the high quality of provision we provide to support our pupils at Penryn Primary Academy.

"We care passionately about providing our pupils with opportunities to learn and develop in all areas of life and being outside at Forest School allows pupils to do this on so many levels.”

The project offers all participants regular opportunities to develop self-confidence and esteem through hands-on learning experiences.

Its roots reach back to early years pioneers in outdoor learning in Scandinavia.

In October 2017, the Forest School Association (FSA) - the UK’s professional body and voice for all things Forest School - launched a new scheme to recognise Forest School Providers who demonstrated that they are following good Forest School practice - the FSA Recognised Forest School Provider scheme.

Successful applicants such as Penryn Primary Academy Forest School are added to a publicly accessible map on the FSA’s website

For parents wondering where to send their children, or even for decision makers such as Local Authorities and academies, it is important to know that a provider is operating professionally.

Gareth Wyn Davies (CEO of the Forest School Association) said: “Good Forest School practice is being followed by dedicated Forest School professionals all over the UK.

"We believe that the FSA Recognised Forest School Provider scheme will provide these schools and organisations with the means of demonstrating the quality of their work to parents and those who fund their work.

It will also help promote their work as they will be found on the FSA publicly searchable map. Forest School is a distinct learning approach based on a set of 6 principles. The application process helps people identify those providers who are following good Forest School practice and distinguishes them from other outdoor education that is not Forest School.

"We therefore congratulate Penryn Primary Academy on their success at becoming an approved ‘good practice’ provider.”

For more details on how to join the Forest School Provider scheme visit