A WOMAN who caught a graffiti artist red-handed on a Falmouth beach was then abused by another man.

Elaine Parfitt was walking her dogs on Gyllyngvase Beach on Saturday lunchtime when the drama unfolded.

"I saw this young guy was just about to spray paint a wall on the beach so I started to film him," said Elaine.

"I was around 150 yards away at first and there were holidaymakers around as he started to spray. I walked towards him and then another guy who I recognise from around town charged into me and started shouting abusive language."

The Packet has seen Elaine's video but for legal reasons cannot identify the perpetrators.

In the film she approaches the sprayer and says: "Do you want to take your stuff and go?"

He replies: "What's your issue with it?", to which Elaine says: "It's vandalism, it shouldn't be done."

He then asks: "Whose wall is this?" and she replies: "Well it's not yours," to which he says: "Why?"

Shortly after that, the older man arrives and swears at Mrs Parfitt before barging into her.

The two men, the younger of whom said he was a student, then walk off.

"Afterwards I started shaking and I shed a tear or two. I couldn't believe he was prepared to spray the wall with other people around at that time of day," Elaine added.

She has reported the incident to police, who are investigating an offence of criminal damage and one of common assault.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has information can call 101 and quote crime reference 021540/19.