A Falmouth town councillor has asked Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner if she will resign.

Councillor for Trescobeas ward Brod Ross asked Alison Hernandez if she would step down after her presentation at a Falmouth Town Council meeting on Monday.

In her presentation, Ms Hernandez explained that she had successfully secured one additional neighbourhood police officer to cover the Falmouth, Penryn and Helston sector.

However, councillors were unimpressed with this and grilled her on a variety of issues including problems with the 101 non-emergency line, the publicly inaccessible Falmouth station and the lack of police numbers.

Councillor Ross criticised the 101 line, calling the system "inadequate" before asking Ms Hernandez if she would resign.

The Police and Crime Commissioner ignored his question, instead addressing his concerns about the 101 line.

She said: "98 per cent of calls are answered in 10 minutes. Still, it's not great. There are many people happy to use web chat and there are many people happy to use email."

Councillor for Boslowick ward Roger Bonney said: "It's very disappointing. We can't continue running [local police] into the ground, we are going to have no police force. They're going to go down with stress.

"The rate payer is hoping you're going to do something and turn it all around. We need justice for the police that we have. We really do respect them a lot and it seems as if they're getting kicked in the teeth."

In response, Ms Hernandez again highlighted that the police force offers ways to report crime other than through local officers, including the web chat.

Councillor for Trescobeas ward Marcella Morgan expressed her disappointment with police numbers, saying that even though the sector had been promised an extra neighbourhood officer, it has also lost a member of the team as PCSO Ellie Grey is leaving.

In her presentation to councillors, Ms Hernandez spoke at length about the measures the force is taking to improve the safety of communities.

She mentioned that 200 additional officers had been recruited since she started her role, and that her aim was to increase the overall number in the force to 3,100.

Another one of her aims is to create a Cornall County HQ in Bodmin in the next few years as part of an £18million investment.

She spoke about the fact that an additional 38 armed response officers have been recruited, and about the road policing work that sees officers publishing photographs of stopped motorists on Twitter.

Councillor for Smithick ward Jayne Kirkham asked Ms Hernandez how many times the armed response officers had been used in Cornwall.

She did not have the answer but did say that the armed officers cover road policing when not doing armed response work.

Ms Hernandez spoke about the possibility of having officers doing their patrols on electric bikes rather than in cars to increase visibility in Falmouth.

Mayor Grenville Chappel said he was "honoured" to have Ms Hernandez at the meeting and thanked her from travelling down from Torquay.