Young parents celebrated International Women's Day at Falmouth University on Friday. 

The WILD Young Parents enjoyed workshops, choir singing and a taiko drumming session.

The space was decorated with tall, flowing, colourful banners which were designed and made by the Mums in the sessions, which are run weekly across the whole of the county.

Falmouth Packet:

The workshops were enjoyed by members of the public who learnt the difference between the Suffragettes and Suffragists and made pins in the colours of the group they would have joined, they planted seeds of democracy in the purple, green and white colours of the Suffragettes, a stand where people could register to vote and a ‘what would make you walk to London?’ stand.

Clare Alvarez- Howard, from Wild Young Parents, said: "We were overwhelmed with how strongly people felt about social issues like climate change, sanitary tax, more money for education and child poverty.

"During the last eight weeks we have had weekly sessions in the WILD group sharing stories with the mums about how important voting is and historically what women had to do to secure the vote, we know that in 1913 women walked from Cornwall to London so we asked our guests 'what would you work to London for?'"

Falmouth Packet:

"WILD have had a 100 per cent increase in registrations to vote in the groups and the Mums who have attended have felt empowered and inspired by learning that they do have a voice."

WILD Young Parents Charity has been running for 26 years and are currently the GSK Impact Awards Winners.