A Falmouth primary school has hosted a day of outdoor activities designed to encourage children interact with the natural environment.

The Big Dig was last held at Marlborough School four years ago, but parent and gardener Sascha House wanted to resurrect it.

"My eldest son always remembers The Big Dig as one of the highlights of his time at the school, so I thought it'd be great to bring it back," she said.

"We've taken the school outside for the whole day and its great to see everyone getting involved and enjoying themselves."

The children were inspired to create art work, music, dance and drama, alongside working cooperatively to make dens, weed and plant the garden areas and compete in team games.

More than 50 volunteers from the community, many of whom were parents, helped out to make it such a success last Thursday.

Activities for the children ranged from yoga, to art, pond dipping at nearby Swanpool, a musical "busk stop" and some good old-fashioned gardening.

Acting headteacher Vicky Sanderson added: "It is creative learning at its best,bringing the year groups together and giving them choice. Hopefully it is something that the school will be able to continue in years to come."