Flying a drone in certain areas of the Lizard Peninsula has been made illegal due to potential interference with RNAS Culdrose operations.

The restrictions have come into place as part of the latest amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2016, which took effect yesterday (March 13).

The new law aims to prevent drones from interfering with flights from all airports and airfields in the country.

It replaces an existing restriction of one kilometre from airfield boundaries, and increasing the area that drones are not allowed to enter.

RNAS Culdrose released a statement calling the flying of drones inside restricted areas a "dangerous activity".

Drones are now prohibited from flying within two-and-a-half nautical miles of RNAS Culdrose and two nautical miles of Predannack Airfield.

Much of the western side of the Lizard Peninsula is covered by this new restriction, including Helston, Porthleven and Mullion.

An area of Penwith is also covered by the restriction centring on Land's End airport.

The maximum height for drones flying outside these restricted areas remains at 400 feet. Operators must remain in visual contact with their drones at all times.

Anyone who sees a drone of any size being flown in restricted areas should report the activity by calling 01326 552000.

For operators seeking permission to operate within the restricted areas, Culdrose Air Operations can be contacted on 01326 552415.

More information can be found here