A Falmouth University graduate has broken the world record for the lowest note sang by a female.

Helen Leahey, originally from Wales, reached the depths of a D2 (72.5 hertz) at the Music School Wagner in Koblenz, Germany, hitting a full note lower than the previous record holder.

The attempt was supervised by a sound engineer who used specialist software to confirm that the note had in fact been the lowest ever sang by a woman.

Helen, who studied MA International Journalism in Falmouth, said: "I am absolutely delighted to have achieved this. To have a world record is certainly something very special."

She went on to say: "We started three octaves above the target note which I then achieved (D5 to D2) – this was a nerve-wracking and challenging experience.

"It was after my 2nd official attempt, confirmed by my sound engineer Tobias Jacobs (Bläserstudio, Koblenz) that I got the sign that I had hit the note, this was a fantastic feeling.

"However it was the long wait for the official confirmation of the new world record that was the real test of my nerves. The record attempt required a lot of organisation and effort from everyone involved. It was a challenge to comply with all the strict rules and gather the evidence required by Guinness World Records.“

For perspective, Helen pointed out that D2 is the third deepest note on a cello.

After smashing the world record, Helen will be releasing her second album late this summer with her duo Dilligara.

For more information about the record-breaking singer and the upcoming album visit helenleahey.com.