THE Cinnamon Trust, a national charity based in Hayle, is asking the nation to come together and send their favourite selfies of themselves and their pets for a competition, Selfies 4 Cinnamon.

A spokesperson for the charity said: "We would love to see you and your; horse, cat, dog, tortoise or pig! Send it into for a chance to win some amazing prizes and support our charity."

There are three categories: the public, volunteers of The Cinnamon Trust and long-term fosterers for The Cinnamon Trust.

The spokesperson added: "We would love to have more entries from our home county of Cornwall, so please take part and help raise awareness of the amazing work The Cinnamon Trust does and send us your selfie."

The winners will be unveiled at Hayle’s Harbour Easter Market on, Saturday, April 6, at 2pm.

Entries into the competition will close on March 31 at 3pm.

You can see updates about the competitions on the charity's Facebook and Instagram page at Selfies 4 Cinnamon.