Speed limits could soon be introduced from Helston all the way through to Redruth as part of efforts to improve safety and make the road easier to drive.

A 40mph limit is being proposed for the entire stretch of road, except in the hamlets such as Trenear, Burras and Farms Common, where it would reduce to 30mph.

At the same time existing 'pinch points,' where the road narrows, would be removed and islands prioritising traffic coming from one direction would be added.

Revealing the plans to Helston's Town Council, Cornwall councillor Mike Thomas described it as road safety scheme "chip shop to chip shop," in reference to the proposed speed limits running from Janes Fish and Chips in Helston all the way through to Morrish's Fish Restaurant in Redruth.

While consultation still has to take place, Mr Thomas said it was recognised that "this road will not be sufficient for the economic growth that Helston and the Lizard could contribute to in the years ahead."

He added: "I believe that this will create a different attitude to the Redruth Road - drivers will no longer arrive at Lowertown roundabout doing 60. I believe it is a gain for road safety."

Councillor John Boase said that while at certain times of the day 40mph "shouldn't be too much of a problem," there were other times when it was "completely safe at some points to be doing 50mph."

He feared that some drivers could get frustrated and "it could be even worse keeping cars at 40mph for such a long time."

Mr Thomas replied it was "clearly up to the public to make their views known" but said: "I'm regularly approached by residents of the Redruth Road to address road safety where they live."

Mr Thomas told the Packet afterwards that these were recommendations that had been considered since 2011.

He, councillors Loveday Jenkin from the Wendron division and Robert Hendry from Four Lanes, along with Helston town clerk Chris Dawson, had recently lobbied officers at Cornwall Council to re-look at the road as a way of improving connection to the A30.

Mr Thomas acknowledged: "It won't be popular with everyone, because there are stretches where you can drive safely at a higher speed, but the idea is to make the whole road safer and much more passable. The speed is just one of the things that happens."