A sailor stranded waist deep in water in their sinking yacht owes his life this evening to the quick actions of coastguards and lifeboat crew.

Both Penlee Lifeboats launched at 4.21pm this after receiving an emergency call from Falmouth Coastguard.

One man on a 15ft yacht had asked for immediate help as the yacht broached while sailing, and filled with water due to the rough weather conditions half a mile west of Praa Sands.

Penlee Inshore Lifeboat 'Mollie & Ivor Dent' arrived in 15 minutes to find that the yacht was completely full of water and barely afloat.

The crew quickly transferred the man who was waist deep in water and cold to the lifeboat.

Penlee All Weather Lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' arrived shortly afterwards and the crew set up a tow rope, hoping that once the yacht was underway it would empty itself.

Falmouth Packet:

The yacht is towed back to Newlyn. Photo: Penlee Lifeboat

This proved successful and the yacht was towed to Newlyn Harbour.

Penlee Inshore Lifeboat headed back to Newlyn at full speed with the casualty onboard, who was taken to the lifeboat station to warm up and change his clothes.

A Penlee Lifeboat spokesperson said: "Due to the quick actions of Falmouth Coastguard and the inshore lifeboat crew a life was saved today."

The inshore lifeboat crew was made up of Ben Keogh, Dave Pascoe and Andrew Wood.

The all weather lifeboat crew was Patch Harvey, Marcel Le Bretton, Jack Shannon, Sam Kent, Amy Smith, Kenny Downing and Jason Ward.