Warning over mobile mattress sellers

Cornwall Council’s Trading Standards team is warning members of the public not to deal with a mobile gang selling mattresses from their white Toyota van.

Leanne McLean, Trading Standards Officer said; “This isn’t the first time a mobile gang has visited Cornwall selling mattresses from the back of a van.

"Typically the gang will claim that they have excess stocks to sell, left over from new-build properties or some similar excuse. 

"In reality the mattresses are likely to be very poor quality and may even be second-hand. They certainly will not be a bargain!

And, of course, the gang will be here today and gone tomorrow so any guarantee will be worthless and there will be no chance of getting a refund if problems are found.”

The advice from Cornwall Council Trading Standards is clear: never deal with anyone offering goods from the back of a van or from anyone who knocks at the door without an appointment.

If anyone sees the gang they are advised to have nothing to do with them.