The 25th of April will be a special date in the calendar of one Cornish couple, writes George Fortey.

Ken and Eileen Perham will be celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary later this month marking 60 years since they got married.

Eileen has shared with us, her secrets on a long and happy marriage.

“The key is never to go to bed on an argument,” said Eileen.

“Marriage is all about give and take.”

Ken and Eileen grew up in Romford and started dating as teenagers having met when Eileen was in hospital.

The pair married in 1959, aged 18, at Romford registry office before embarking on a week-long honeymoon to Brighton.

However, with Ken joining the Army the pair were split up the following week with him travelling to Kenya.

Throughout Ken’s 6 years in the forces the pair kept in regular contact with letters being sent back and forth to one another.

Upon his return Ken was employed at Ford Dagenham whilst Eileen worked in the local textile factory helping to make and design men’s collars.

Ken and Eileen have not only been together for so long but have also worked together as well.

Having moved down to Cornwall in the late 60s the couple worked together to establish and run a post office and green grocers in Mount Ambrose, Redruth.

Many couples may find working together a strain on their relationship, but the couple’s great friendship made their relationship grow ever stronger.

“We’re joined at the hip, just two really good friends,” said Eileen.

The couple retired in 2002 having spent over 30 years running their business.

Ken and Eileen will celebrate their anniversary with a special family dinner their two sons and their 4 Grandchildren.